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Our outstanding Integrated team of Health Professionals are here to help patients reach their healthcare goals: Reduce  Pain, Improve Function, and Restore Quality of Life.
Common Ailments We Treat Include (but not limited to):
Low Back Pain
Low back pain can be directly due to injury, a symptom of stress, or develop over time. Our unique approach to treating lower back pain will take into consideration the entire mechanical system of the lower back, pelvis, and lower extremities.
Neck and Arm Pain
This type of pain is usually caused by a strain in the neck muscles and often linked to one’s poor posture while doing an activity like hunching over as you work in front of the computer. There are cases where neck pain is due to arthritis, disc conditions, or other common pain generators.
Joint Pain
Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hip, and Knee Pain can be a common struggle for a lot of patients.  Similar to how we look at neck and lower back conditions, we look at the entire function of the joint complex to help successfully treat the condition without surgery.
Sciatica can have several different causes including disc bulges or tight muscles through the hip and pelvis.  Identifying the cause(s) will assist in the appropriate treatment plan to reduce the pain and restore function without surgery.
Welcome to Our Integrated Medical Clinic
At Apex Physical Medicine, we combine the best of medical care, chiropractic care, soft tissue therapy, and physical rehabilitation programs to achieve the best outcomes possible, all under one roof.  We also have a state-of-the-art Regenerative Medicine program that has helped patients avoid unnecessary surgeries including joint replacement.

When patient's are dealing with chronic pain conditions like Neck Pain, Back Pain, Headaches, Joint Pain, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Peripheral Neuropathy, and other painful conditions, we take a unique, integrated approach to diagnosis and treatment.  Our treatments can be gentle, yet very effective.
Why Choose Us
We consider ourselves 'Pain Hackers.'  We understand acute and chronic pain conditions and how they can effect every day life.  We do not want to simply 'Mask' the condition.  We want to evaluate and diagnosis the cause(s) of the condition, 'Hack' the pain producing pathways to reduce the pain pathways, and restore function.
  • We have a unique, integrated team approach
  • Conveniently located in Canton, OH in the Belden Village Area 
  • Offer evening hours to limit lost time from work


"I came here because of fibromyalgia and horrible headaches and I have not had a headache since I started coming here in Dec. 2017... I love everyone and everything about this place..."

Judy, 50

"The whole staff is friendly and takes time to explain things to you, and they are very easy to schedule with. (They) actually care about your particular pain. This is one doctor's office you can visit and feel like a person, not just another appointment for the day.

Brittany, 20
Case Studies
Headaches Reduced
Peripheral Neuropathy Reversed
Knee Pain Reduced w/o Surgery
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